Flexible Investment Strategy

Value investing strategy. It invests in both stocks and bonds. With more than seven years’ experience it for investors with a balanced profile.


Our Flexible Strategy combines investment in stocks and bonds. As a result, it allows us to optimise the best of both strategies with a record maximum exposure to the market of 50%. Its goal is to control risk, seeking to protect capital invested for a period of at least three years. This strategy has low fees since it helps to improve returns.


Investments in this strategy can be made in investment fund format through B&H Flexible FI or in LU Fund format through B&H Flexible LU.


The ES fund & LU Fund have the same investment philosophy and strategy, and the portfolios do not have to be identical.


Our priority is to protect capital invested for three-year periods.

The portfolio is comprised of our high-conviction ideas in both fixed income and stocks.

In bonds we aim to achieve an optimum balance between returns and risks, and at the same time an appropriate correlation with the stock portfolio.

The exposure to stocks ranges from 0% to a maximum of 50%. These weights vary based on the opportunities presented by the markets.

We prefer quality businesses that are easy to understand and undervalued.

We like companies that combine low levels of debt with long-term earnings-per-share growth.

We actively manage credit and interest rate risk. We take positions of relative value over credit spreads and interest rate curves.

The main currency is the euro, however we can invest in other currencies, either hedging the foreign currency risk or not.


B&H Flexible FI

B&H Flexible FI

B&H Flexible LU

B&H Flexible LU

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