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Can I lose money on my investment?

Yes. None of the three products we offer guarantee your investment. However, Buy&Hold managers would not invest our assets in these three products if we did not think that we were going to make money.

Why should I trust Buy & Hold?

Our management results are consistent over time, we have beat the indices by obtaining higher yields and lower volatility.

Is there a minimum amount?

No, no minimum amount is required to make an investment.

Is there any type of subscription or redemption fee?

No, our fees are low because that improves our products’ yields.

How can I invest in your products?

You can invest in our products by clicking on “Invest”. You can also call our toll-free number 900 550 440 or email us at info@buyandhold.es

Where are Buy & Hold’s products deposited?

All of the investments we make in our three investment funds are deposited with Banco Caceis Securities Services in Spain and Credit Suisse in Luxemburg.

What product should I choose if I don't want to take on too much risk?

Our products with the least amount of risk are B&H Bonos FI and BH Bonds LU.

Do you have any pension plans?

Yes, you can also sign up for our pension plan through our website buyandhold.es

What product should I choose if I want to take on more risk?

In this case, we have two strategies, one based only on stocks, which is B&H Acciones, and one strategy that invests in stocks and bonds, B&H Flexible.

Why should I invest in a fund?

Because it diversifies the investment, reducing the risk and offers tax advantages to individuals.

What happens if I want to withdraw my investment?

You can withdraw your investment at any time, by simply calling our toll-free number 900 550 440 or emailing us at info@buyandhold.es

Can I invest for periods of less than six months?

Yes. Although for the bond strategy we recommend investing for a minimum of 2 years. For the flexible strategy, we recommend investing for a minimum of 4 years and for the stocks strategy a minimum of 6 years.

How are capital gains taxed?

Capital gains are currently taxed at a rate of 19%.

How are transfer transactions taxed?

They are not taxed.

How much time do I have to wait to see my position after having performed a transaction?

From the moment you make the transfer, a maximum of four days. You can access your customer area at any time and it will show you the status of the transaction.

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